Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The sisters of Delta Psi Delta recognize that joining a sorority can be a very new experience for both your daughter and you. We hope to address some concerns you may have in the following letter. If you would like additional information, please contact us!

Your daughter has expressed an interest in joining the Delta Psi Delta sorority, Delta Chapter, at Western University. We will get to know your daughter through the recruitment period, wherein we participate in a variety of social and philanthropic events to learn more about each other. The Delta Psi Delta sisters hope to find the personal qualities of leadership, scholarship and service within your daughter because these are the cornerstones of the Delta Psi Delta sorority.

After the recruitment period, your daughter may be eligible to become a new member which can sometimes be a misunderstood process. The sisters of Delta Psi Delta wish to assure you that at no point will your daughter encounter hazing with our sorority. We realize that new members are future sisters and would never want to cause them physical or psychological harm. Please be assured that the journey to become a new member is a memorable experience that creates lifelong bonds while learning about Delta Psi Delta's history.

The Delta chapter has been an active since 2011 and is one of six active Delta Psi Delta chapters nationally. The sisters of the Delta chapter continue to strive for excellence and we take pride in: our service to the community, our deep friendships with fellow sisters, and our pursuit of high academic standards.

Every semester we take part in countless philanthropy activities. A common favourite is our annual Halloween Food Drive. On Halloween, the sisters of Delta Psi Delta canvas through neighbourhoods (which have been previously notified), collecting canned and non-perishable food items for the London Food Bank. This event is known as "Trick or Eat." Delta Psi Delta has a strong presence in the London community due to extensive volunteering. The primary charitable organizations Delta Psi Delta represents include the London Food Bank, the MS Foundation and the London Abused Women's Shelter. The sisters of Delta Psi Delta fundraise and volunteer for a variety of organizations throughout the school year.

Most importantly, the Delta Psi Delta sisters take pride in maintaining high academic standards. We understand that school is the number one priority for every member, and we strive to encourage our fellow sisters to achieve academic success, and provide aid wherever possible. Whether it is lending study notes, offering advice about particular classes, editing each other’s work, or planning a study date, the Delta Psi Delta sisters are always here to help each other achieve academic success.

As a future sister of the Delta Psi Delta Sorority, your daughter will enjoy a lifetime of sisterhood.

Lisa Campanale
Delta Chapter Founding Mother